How Does VenusCash Work


 How does Venus Cash Work?
When you sign up for our program you will receive a unique ID and html code to insert in your web
page. Your ID will be used to track the traffic you send and if the people from your website purchase
a membership from me. As soon as a person joins my site, your stats will reflect the sale and money
earned. With our double tracking system your site ID is retained in the surfers computer for approximately
5 days. This increases your chances of the surfer purchasing a membership. This information will be
reflected instantly in your real time stats. If the surfer joins any of our sites you will be paid for that sale.
It does not matter if you are linking to the site he joins or not.


How Much Can I make


Your income is unlimited. You make 60% of all sales including trial signups.



How Do I Get Paid


You are paid either by check or paypal, If by check, It is processed on the first day of each month by my company, Vcomm Internet Service, Inc.